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Fill out the “Am I a Candidate” form to see if you could qualify for a Canadian work visa (via Global Talent Stream) and so we can learn about your tech education and tech experience.

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If you match with a Canadian tech job, we will contact you. If not, we keep you in our database and contact you if/when you do match.

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If you get an offer letter from the Canadian tech company you are interviewing with, that company applies for your Canadian work visa. Processing for a work visa takes 60-90 days (due to delays from Covid). Once you get the approval, you are ready to move to Canada and start your new job!

“Your path to a thriving life and career in Canada begins here.”

Path to Canada helps foreign born tech workers in the US explore Canadian jobs and Canadian immigration options, and connects them with Canadian tech companies willing to sponsor their Canadian work permit (via Canada’s Global Talent Stream immigration program).

Who Should Be Applying?

  • Software and hardware engineers
  • US tech degree
  • Currently living in the US (or recently returned to your home country from the US)
  • US work experience
  • H-1B denied or low probability of renewal
  • OPT expiring and no H-1B
  • Have an H-1B but tired of waiting for a US Green Card and open to exploring Canada as a permanent option for living and working


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What our candidates say

What is Path to Canada?

We are a marketplace to connect tech workers (ex: software engineers, hardware engineers, developers) with Canadian tech companies. All tech workers have US tech degrees and 3+ years of US work experience.

Who are your candidates?

Our candidates are currently working in the US on a work visa (i.e. OPT or H-1B), and are permanently relocating to Canada. Some of them need to leave the US immediately due to immigration challenges, and others are seeking to leave the US due to inability to get US permanent residence.

If I decide to hire one of your candidates, what’s the process for getting them into Canada?

Hiring through Path to Canada will makes it easy. We connect employers with professionals who can guide the process of sponsoring a work visa. The employer will sponsor the new hire’s work visa via Global Talent Stream, Canada’s innovative new work visa program. Work visas are awarded to qualified candidates in 30 days. (Please note, we are currently seeing delays due to COVID-19.)

How does Path to Canada work?

Step 1: Path to Canada will vet candidates for a Canadian employer. We’ll make sure each candidate is a great match for the role, and also qualified for the work visa.

Step 2: The employer will conduct interviews to decide if they’d like to make an offer to hire one of our candidates. Assuming they do, we move on to step 3.

Step 3: Upon candidate acceptance of the offer letter, the employer will apply for Global Talent Stream (Canada’s innovative new work visa program)

Step 4: Once the work visa is approved, the new hire will move to Canada and begin work.

Why can’t we access these candidates on our own?

Path to Canada’s team is based in the US. We are actively marketing to international tech workers across the US. We have built up a sizeable database of potential candidates, and hundreds of new applicants visit our website each month.

What does your service cost?

Our pricing model is similar to agencies. Please contact us for more information.

Which Canadian cities or provinces do you support?

As a distributed team, we are able to support all provinces; coast to coast to coast.

What is the cost for your services?

Path to Canada does not charge candidates for any of our services. The employer pays Path to Canada for placements. Please note, there are always costs associated with Canadian immigration (ex: permanent residence application cost). Once you’ve been approved as a candidate, we can help you calculate the total cost for legal type fees.

How long does it take before I’m living in Canada?

Each case is unique. It will likely take at least 30 days for a company to select and hire you. And then at least 2 weeks for Canadian immigration to approve the Global Skills application.

Does Path to Canada provide immigration services?

No. We connect tech talent with Canadian employers.

What are the requirements for Path to Canada to place me?

At a minimum, you must have completed the following:

  • Created an express entry profile
  • Completed IELTS and attained a score of 7 or higher in each category
  • Obtained the education evaluation from WES (World Education Services)
How do I start the process with Path to Canada?

Provide your information via our questionnaire, and we’ll get back to you within 1 – 2 business days.

Can I start to work in Canada before I get my permanent residence?

Yes. As soon as you’re approved for the Global Skills Strategy program, a work permit will be issued.